Barbaric Treatment of Barnevernet – The Child Protection Services of Norway

Please free the kids

What can we call it? Shall we call it cultural difference? Is any culture greater than humanity? On the other hand, is it some form of political move? Well, I never understood the crap of politics anyway. Can we call it barbarism? Surely, barbarism has some bounds! Or, has it?

Anurup Bhattacharya, moved to Norway six years earlier to take up his job as a geologist in Halliburton. In 2007 he married Sagarika Bhattacharya and the couple was happily settled in Stavanger, Norway with their three year old son Abhigyan and four months old daughter Aiswariya.

But the couple’s happiness was short lived when their children were forcibly taken under protective custody by Barnevernet, the Norwegian Child Welfare Services. The reason for this force protection was shown by Barnevernet as incapability of taking proper care of the children by the parents. And what was the basis of such accusation? The…

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One thought on “Barbaric Treatment of Barnevernet – The Child Protection Services of Norway

  1. The incentive behind this system is greed for money. Eveyt child taken gives collaborators that sell certain cervices a lot of proffit. These are steadily sneaking around to find suited children for their services. When they fine one, they issue a concern report to the “barnevernet” which start their investigations, often with the aid of the same collaboraters that issued the concert message, and then they likely snap the child away. By the way, Norwegian parents also badly fear this system.

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